About Us

An Insight about us

Founded in 2004 my father started his business as a local contractor serving the Jersey Shore area known as "A Howard Handyman", he took me to work at the young age of 8 years old and I loved it; It was as if I got the opportunity to use a real hammer and a real screwdriver instead of my toy ones, since that day I asked my father to take me to work with him as much as he could, every day after school I was at my fathers construction sites. My passion continued to grew for the construction realm as I learned the business through out the years, In 2019 I felt Confident enough to open "A Howard Construction co." and specialize in decking and roofing although at the time when I started the company I knew many many things but I always had a passion for decks and roofs, something just fascinated me about the "before and afters" of these certain projects, since then our company strives in providing quality decking and roofing work. contact us with all your decking and roofing needs our goal is to bring your plans to life.